There is no better time than now, to raise creative minds. At 'Grey Africa', we harmonize, recreate the passion and fuel the ideas into achievable life goals and subsequently, a result. We engage the youths on viable development and creative Independence.

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African Grey — The African Grey is widely considered to be the smartest of the talking birds, and one of the most intelligent in the animal kingdom overall. Some experts say they approach the ability to speak and relate concepts on the level of a human toddler.

Just like the Africa Grey, Africans are widely considered to be the smartest of the talking continents rather than the action continent. Hence, Africa has been referred to as the "Dark Continent" by many from other continents due to the rate of unemployment which has increased poverty in geometrical progression. According to International Labour Organisation (ILO) 50% (fifty-percent) of Africa graduates are unemployed. This has increase the level of poverty to 48.5 percent of Africa population according to World Bank.